Modeling Workshop

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All pictures can be purchased at the time of the workshop for an additional $25
Receive your pictures for free when you book a friend to a workshop or photoshoot. 


Modeling Workshop

The idea of our Modeling Workshops is to help new and inspiring models in the Kansas City area. Workshops help to jump start modeling careers as a positive influence in the fashion community. The workshop are made of small group sessions of 4-6 people. Participants will be provided safety tips, insights into the fashion industry and a professional photoshoot in our studio. 

Workshops are lead by Photographer James Meyer and our modeling coach Cierra Morris. When availability permits, we have on sight hair and makeup professionals, who volunteer their time.  Participants can be any age with parental consent and oversight. We encourage everyone to bring a friend or family member to learn and meet other people in the fashion community. 

Workshops also will open up ways to earn free exclusive photoshoots in the future. After your workshop, when you refer two people for either a paid booking or a spot in a workshop, you will receive an exclusive photoshoot for free. 

Spots in our workshop are based on first come first served! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

Phone: 816-944-6644



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