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We have plans for photoshoots in other parts of the United States and Europe this Summer. Our goal is to have a few featured models in attendance.
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I am excited and committed to Modeling!
Please email us at with profile, headshots, and any pictures that show your work. Portfolios are also welcomed. If you do not have any of the pictures mentioned above that is okay! Please send us a few photos of who you are.

Summer Modeling Positions

The idea behind Everything Picture is to be a positive influence in the fashion community. Our Magazine is produced by models, for models. There are two different types of models that we are looking for in the Kansas City Area. 


Full Time Team Member: (1-3 Available Spots)

Required Age of 18

We are currently looking for full time partners and models. This position is for the people who are fully committed to modeling and advancing their career with our team and sponsors. 

We are looking for people to join our team on summer trips around the major cities of the United States.   

This position will be filled by models who have a variety of skills. Prospective applicants should be driven, proactive, and have organizational skills. 

Duties include: 

  • Modeling daily to weekly for fashion sponsors
  • Helping to create connections with sponsors
  • Helping to organize modeling events
  • Coaching during our workshops
  • Attending fashion shows and events
  • Coordinating other team members
  • Helping to run social media
  • Attending Charity Events

Hiring Process 

Applicants who receive call backs will be invited in for a interview and a photo shoot. After the first shoot models are encouraged to shoot at any time that is possible during the casting dates.  The applicants who show dedication to producing and attending their photo shoots during this time will be advanced to the next round. 

Final candidates will meet and interview with the rest of our modeling team for consideration. 


Featured Models: (5-10 Available Spots)

Featured models will be the core of our magazine and looked at for sponsored and or paid shoots.  These models are typically available to shoot one to two times a month.

The Featured Models will have a chance to earn pay from coaching workshops and generating sponsors. There will also be commission for bookings and other ventures. 

If you are interested in joining the team please fill out the modeling form. 

Best Regards,

Owner: James Meyer
Phone: 816-944-6644